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The Greco-Northern Research Hub is an independent reserach centre focusing on understanding how young people with mental health struggles and/or those who are neurodivergent cope with doy-to-day professional life. Moreover, we aim to use our data to develop training courses and resources to provide, where possible, managment techniques, productivity enhancement, communication skills, and general support.

As we are dedicated to creating a supportive and interactive environment for discussion, debate, and learning we host guest writers and publish articles on topical social issues.

About Our Research

Our research is conducted by our two Co-Founders who are experienced researchers and follows The Greco-Northern Research Hub Statement of Ethical Practice which can be found on the policies section of our website. The hub utilises mixed methods and both qualitative and quantitative data to explore the overall picture and the nuances behind the experience of youth mental health in the UK.

The data collected is used to write our annual report which analyses the latest developments in experiences of the youth mental health landscape. Based on the needs identified in these reports and the wider literature and data available, we develop our training curriculums and resources. 

Our Training & Resources

The training and resources provided by the Hub are developed to provide practical support and help to mitigate the impacts mental health and neurodivergency can have on an individual's daily and professional life. The curriculums are developed in accordance to the data we collect and the latest research on how to improve support and resources for people with mental health struggles and/or are neurodivergent.

​Our resources are used to supplement the trainings and can be used after the content is completed to develop healthy habits and stay on track.

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Meet the Team

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