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Welcome to The 
Greco-Northern Research Hub

An independent research hub providing training, resources, and reports to investigate and support youth mental health in the UK.

Also, a platform to facilitate articles and discussions on current affairs and social issues.

Interested in our work? Find out more below.

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Why Mental Health in Young People?

Mental ill health impacts approximately one in six young people across the UK (The Health Foundation, 2022). Underlying causes are incredibly complex and unique for each individual, yet the pandemic caused significant disruption to social and schooling routines (Young Minds 2021). We feel that there are many fragments missing from the overall picture, from research about how mental ill health is experienced by youth in the UK after the pandemic; to training and resources which may help them develop healthier habits, and learn new skills. 

Helping young people understand they are still able to develop themselves professionally, and personally, whilst being successful with mental ill health is crucial. By providing a platform for articles by our team and guest writers, we are also aiming to foster useful discussions and create an online community. 



Our goal is to provide training, resources, and research reports investigating how young people are managing their mental health throughout the UK.


Online training courses with techniques on how to manage productivity with poor mental health.


Practical resources to help young people with mental health struggles access their potential.


Research reports detailing the struggles encountered by young people struggling with mental health around the UK, along with potential solutions and mitigation tools.



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